Thrive Medical COVID-19 Back to Work Program


Control the spread of COVID-19 across your organization with accurate & reliable testing.

Thrive medical is dedicated to helping employers, schools and government facilities all over the country assist their employees in safely return to work. Developed in partnership with physicians, medical health professionals and CLIA certified clinical laboratories, Thrive Medical is committed to helping employers maintain a safe environment for their employees.


5 simple steps to start testing your employees to provide a safer workplace!


We will first find out how your company wants to incorporate testing into their daily or weekly routine. You will decide how many employees, the frequency of re-testing and the protocol for symptomatic and non-symptomatic employees. Our recommendation is for employers to test for the active virus with RT-PCR molecular testing as it is the gold standard and has extremely high accuracy. They can also test for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies with serology testing. Because there are many asymptomatic employees that show no symptoms but are positive carriers of COVID-19, as a company you may choose to test your employees with both Real-time RT-PCR and antibody test methods.


We will custom design a program based on your individual needs. Every workforce has different testing needs depending on several different factors such as the type of work your employees do, the work environment and interactions with customers. The Thrive Back to Work Program can be tailored to each organization's unique requirements. From businesses such as food processing plants to schools and universities, healthcare workers and everything in between, Thrive Medical has you covered!


We will then ask you to designate a person in charge at your company that we can work with.  Once we have created the perfect program to suit your needs, we coordinate with your human resources manager or designed individual at your company to schedule a day for our team to come out to your organization with the proper PPE and begin testing.  Our on-site testing services offer a high level of peace of mind for both the employer and for employers that are reluctant to return to work due to the uncertainty of their risk.


We will then ship an initial order of kits to your company. A trained medical professional will come out to your site on the day you designate and perform the PCR molecular testing or serology antibody testing or both. Upon completion, they will pack and send the specimens to the lab for processing.


Within 24 hours of receiving specimens at the lab, results will be available in your company's secure portal. For urgent situations such as an outbreak or concern that some employees may have had recent exposure, this can all be set up the same day and kits can on their way to you within 24 hours.


The Thrive Medical Back to Work Program is our solution for companies looking for ways to help employees move forward and embrace the “new normal” while safely return to work. To remain healthy and productive, the Thrive Back to Work Program gives employers a valuable tool on how to bring employees back to work safely. We encourage all companies to consider testing their employees. For more information on how you can get your employees tested, please contact us today. As new technology evolves, the R & D team at Thrive Medical will keep your up to date on the latest trends and most accurate testing available.

Employers FAQ's

How do I know which employees to test?

Our recommendation is to test your entire employee population as many individuals that are positive for COVID-19 do not show symptoms. We also recommend that all companies follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and the FDA.  Testing for employees that think they have been exposed or that are symptomatic and may have an active form of the virus is paramount. We suggest testing with highly accurate molecular PCR testing  to determine if an employee has an active for of the virus which can spread to others in the workforce as well as with serology antibody testing to determine if they had a previous infection. Knowing if members of your workforce have had an immune response and built up antibodies is very useful information to determine as they may have tolerance to a future infection and be at a lower risk. Keep in mind that although these tests have high accuracy, nothing is 100% so please continue to practice safe social distancing protocols.

What do I do when a test is positive?

All employers are advised to follow guidelines set by state and local authorities and should consult with the local health department. The current guidance in most states is to remove the employee from the workplace for 14 days for quarantine in their home so they do not pose a risk to the other workers and cause the virus to spread throughout your entire workforce.

Thrive Medical is not a medical provider and is not attempting to treat any disease or condition. The goal is to offer a tool to help and that the goal is to streamline a program for employers to help their workers return safely to work.

How do I get started?

Click on the link below and a customer support representative will contact you to find out what your needs are. We custom tailor programs depending on the size of your company and your testing needs.