Regenerative Skin

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A Way to Treat Soft Tissue More Conservatively
Repair & Regeneration of Tissue
Joint Lubrication & Reduction of Inflammation
Better Alternative than other Products


Multiple Treatment Areas


What is a Amniotic Fluid Allograft?
Amniotic fluid allograft is derived from the amniotic fluid within the placenta. It is used by health practitioners to safely and effectively treat soft tissue pain and inflammation, while promoting regeneration of our bodies to their optimal health.

What is Human Amniotic Fluid?
Amniotic Fluid is abundant in growth factors and cytokines associated with repair, replacement, and regeneration of soft tissue.
When injected into the body, these growth factors and cytokines have been shown to promote healing and pain management.
Medical studies and literature show that using placental allografts promotes healing of many of the following conditions:

Back pain (Facet)
Ligament tears/injury
Degenerative Disc Disease
Joint pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Carpal Tunnel
Respiratory conditions
Ophthalmologic conditions

Compliant & reimbursable by most payers
Designated CMS HCPCS coding
Correct indication for soft tissue
Coding & billing support provided